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Get to know us

We are information developers, otherwise known as information experience (IX) authors or technical writers.

We aim to post interesting and useful information relevant to the world of IX. We take a deep dive into various topics to help inform and demystify IX concepts, processes, and best practices.

Who are we?

Jeunese Payne

Jeunese is an information developer and content designer based in Cambridge (UK) with a background in research, usability, and user experience (UX). She has a BSc with First Class Honors in Psychology and a PhD in human-computer interaction. She currently works as a technical writer for a software company that provides product analytics, in-app guidance, and tools to optimize the user experience.

Mahasweta Dey

Mahasweta is an information experience professional based in Bengaluru (India) with over 17 years of experience in content design and strategy, information architecture, instructional design, and technical documentation. She has an Honors in English Lit. and a professional certificate in Design Thinking from Stanford.

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What's in a name?

The meaning of "Iris"

Information experience (IX) is about communicating with the user to maximize the user experience (UX).


In Greek mythology, Iris (/ˈaɪrɪs/) was the personification of the rainbow and a messenger god, normally portrayed in art with wings and carrying a vase. Iris was a goddess of sea and sky, her father being a marine god (Thaumas), and her mother, "the amber", being a cloud-nymph (Elektra).


Iris would deliver messages to the Olympian gods across a rainbow bridge between the sea and sky, and would replenish the clouds with water from the sea. She would also carry water from the River Styx whenever the gods had to take an oath. Any god who lied was rendered unconscious for a year.

We chose "Iris" because we see IX is the bridge between the product and the user. Without information, there is no user experience.

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