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Training and Programs

Break into technical and UX writing, or improve your existing technical and UX writing skills, with the following courses. If you know of any other learning opportunities that you believe would make a good addition to this list, please let us know using our contact form, which you can find in the About page.


GitLab Writing Fundamentals course

A course designed to help aspiring technical writers learn how to write and edit product documentation.

Google Technical Writing courses

Courses for breaking into technical writing, including free course listed in their Announcements page.

UX Writing

UX Writing Hub courses

The UX Writing Hub is an education platform that offers free and paid courses, with certificates, to help UX writers break into UX writer or improve their existing skills. A Taste of UX Writing is a pretty extensive, free beginners course that you can sign up to and complete in your own time.

Daily UX Writing challenge

A free UX writing course that involves completing 15 content challenges over 15 days to help get yourself hired as a UX writer.

Open Classrooms: Think like an editor (content strategy and UX writing)

A free overview of UX writing from a content strategy perspective, with a focus on user-centred design.

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